About me

I currently work as a programmer and generalist for interactive VR installations and visualizations. Before, i received my bachelors degree in Game Design studying at the HTW Berlin

As far as I can remember I have been interested in digital creations; I started by making music with midi composers but soon discovered my passion for 3d modelling and animation. With this basic skillset I began making small interactive music exploration pieces in Blender until one day I discovered Unity3D and from this day never stopped exploring and tinkering with its toolset.

Before I started studying, I also finished my Technical Design Assistant at the Medienschule Babelsberg where I further developed my knowledge about webdesign and mixed media.


Unity3D - Advanced
Blender - Advanced
3DsMax - Basic
Photoshop - Intermediate
Ableton - Basic to intermediate

C# - Advanced
Unity-/Javascript - Basic to Intermediate
html/css - intermediate
php/sql - Basic to intermediate

German - native
English - fluent