Student project

Aeron's only way home leads through an opencast pit, where she is forced to evade and hide from starving, aggresive birds and icy gusts of wind and snow.
Her hope is to find some of the rare edible berries to keep her from starving too.
But equipped with the ability to glide with the wind using her scarf, she leaps over skeletons of scaffolding and bottomless pits between the few places that grant her protection and warmth.



Aeron is a 2D Platformer whose intent is to make the player listen and advance carefully to master its obstacles. Not speed and reaction are the key, but timing and observation.
Based on the game's concept i needed to solve a particular set of problems:

  • Dynamic weather, wind and snow
  • Connected dynamic force fields
  • Character controller abilites (duck, glide, swing)
  • interactive environment objects
  • NPC behaviour

Ambience controller

The biggest challenge was the ambience system that animated the 3 wind-phases with a snow subsystem to dynamically render reactive snowflakes and fog. It controlled most of the game's environment, influenced the AI and set the pacing. So I made every aspect designer friendly through custom editor interfaces and specialized components which allowed for fast iterations and tweaking.

Area test tool

Additionally throghout the process I created a custom module that aided in patching up to the latest revision as a bandaid for the lack of a proper version control system, a testing tool to visualize and identify potentially problematic level-areas and a one-click solution to set up and prepare new levels.

The birds' behaviour was implemented through a simple state machine which adapted to the windphases.
Custom SceneView handles were added for easy manipulation of object properties.


Engine: Unity3D
Platform: PC
Team size: 4
Work load: 12 weeks
My tasks:
codebase realization and design,
Shader creation,
workflow optimizations