Student project

A small glowing entity levitates above a peaceful lake. Surrounding it, strange creatures patrol their territories. But as the entity touches one of the seductively glowing plants, the creatures awaken and begin to attack it. It soon discovers that its destiny is to transfer the light, thus illuminating the world.



Illumbra is an action game, where the player controls a small water-strider-like entity to pick up lights and transfer them to other plants, defending them while they charge. He gains new abilities along the way to fight in increasingly difficult arenas.
Never really having worked with unreal before, i took this as an opportunity to see how much i could get out of the project's time. In the end i was able to even create editor-previewable procedural objects. I worked with and learned:

  • Unreal's Architecture
  • (Animation-)Blueprint system
  • Material editor
  • SoundCue system
  • UMG (UI) system


Engine: Unreal 4
Platform: PC
Team size: 5
Work load: 18 weeks
My tasks:
blueprint scripting,
Shader creation,
Sound effects