Student project

Escaping greedy poachers requires foresight and planning. By observing the enemies' movement and adapting to their pattern you help guide a surrounded animal to safety.



Savari is a 2D puzzle game that tries to raise awareness for endangered animals in a playful way. By providing more than one way to solve its puzzles replayability is designed through a context of highscores in counts of steps taken.

Given the relatively short timeframe, the most challenging aspect was to create a base which allowed for features to be incrementally included depending on daily estimates of time and resources left. For example, intially planned was a quiz in between the puzzles, that featured fun an interesting questions, which i sketched out, but was cut due to time constraints in terms of adjusting it to fit the game's pacing, later on.
Technically, this project posed no major challenge, but as it was also set to be cooperative between two study paths, i developed all code in collaboration with an IT student and this meant coordinating

  • Code merges/conflict resolving
  • Communication/workload splitting
  • Reviewing/bugfixing
  • API/Interface design

During this project i gained deeper knowledge of version control systems and ways to prevent merge conflicts involving Unity's serialization.


Engine: Unity3D
Platform: Android
Team size: 4
Work load: 8 weeks
My tasks:
codebase realization and design,
workflow optimizations